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Keys to Success at Tufts - Entrepreneurship

When you talk to venture capitalists around the world about the very widely used word, "entrepreneurship," Tufts is not at the forefront of their minds. This is changing! Tuft's has undergone a rebranding of both academic and student run entrepreneurship initiatives on campus. What was formerly known as Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies or ELS is now the new and improved Tufts Entrepreneurship Center or TEC. On the student side of things, the former Entrepreneurship Society has been rebranded into the Entrepreneurship Association or EAT, and the Women's Entrepreneurship Club is back and better than ever!

Now that you are all caught up with the awesome changes, I can give you some insight into the keys to success here at Tufts. Home to nearly 800 students, the Entrepreneurship minor is the largest offered at Tufts, and for good reason. All 17 professors are highly experienced and dedicated towards providing us, the students, with not only a high caliber education, but with what really matters at the end of the day: a high paying job. You will not find a department on campus that is more dedicated and able to get you internships and jobs than the Entrepreneurship Center.

Key #1 - Go to Office Hours

It is no surprise that professors want to not only help you, but get to know you, that is why they are here after all! In order to truly take advantage of what this wonderful department has to offer I strongly encourage you to make an effort. Introduce yourself on day one. Stay after class and get to know your professor. Tell them about yourself and your interests. At the end of the day your network, and we will talk about this later on, is your most important asset, so be sure to include your wildly successful professors in your network!

Key #2 - Get Involved

There are many ways to do this and no right or wrong. Whether it is joining one of Entrepreneurship clubs, interning for TEC, attending various events, or participating in one of the many competitions, I strongly recommend that you get out of your comfort zone and get involved! Not only is it great for keeping you busy, but you are also meeting new people who, wait for it.. are now a part of your network! (seems to be a very common theme here..) On top of that, you are also gaining valuable experience and are boosting your personal value towards getting that desired internship or job.

Key #3- Network, Network, Network

By far the most important asset you will have in life is who you know. Whether it's getting an interview, a job, help with general life problems, who you know matters, a lot! To that point, make sure that you are not only constantly meeting people, but also not forgetting about the people you have already met. Staying in touch with your network can be challenging but is very rewarding. A simple text, call, or email every few months, or weeks depending on the relationship, goes a long way. Be sure to be genuine and most importantly be GRATEFUL. Gratitude does not go unnoticed and is not as prominent in todays day of age, but I can assure you that being gracious is not only personally rewarding but will pay off in the long run.

That's all for now. Meet your professors, get involved, and get networking!

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